Royal Masterclass

Pigs Bay Gin
November 18th 2021

Pigs Bay Distillery is Southend-on-Sea’s first fully licensed distillery and distiller of premium craft Gins, Vodkas and a Liqueur range made from Gin. They are a local family run distillery, who have come to market to produce exceptionally high-quality spirits by pioneering new production processes including the use of medical grade purity of Essex water in all its drinks.


Dale will outline these processes in order to clearly explain why their drinks are of exceptional purity of taste and smoothness on the palette. Attendees will be able to taste all their range of drinks currently on-sale as well as tasting a selection of drinks currently in research and development and for attendees to have their say on whether these drinks should be put on sale.

The event on the evening will be presented by the Pigs Bay team headed by Master Distiller and founder Dale Smith.

£17.50 per person

Strictly over 18’s only

To book your tickets please call

01702 899 222


Your evening with us

  • Doors open at 7.30pm.  Event starts at 8pm.  No entry after 8pm.

  • Brief outline of the name Pigs Bay and its place in the smuggling history of Essex.

  • How and why the distillery was born.

  • Brief lesson on distillation to produce a neutral spirit which is the basis for creation of all Gins and Vodkas. You will learn the difference between grain spirits and others made from potato, fruit etc

  • A practical demonstration of water quality and learn about the purity of tap, bottled and spring water. You will have the ability to taste the purity of Pigs Bays medical grade water. You can even bring a small sample of you own home tap water or home filtered water and have it tested by the Pigs Bay team.

  • Explanation of how coconut plays a major part in Pigs Bay production of a smooth spirit.

  • For Vodka drinkers the ability to taste both Pigs Bays grain Vodka and its limited-edition Sugar Cane Vodka.

  • Summary of the three definitions of Gin.

  • A hosted tasting of Pigs Bay’s two London Dry Gins – Pigs Bay Dry and its unique Southend Gin.  Then taste the Distilled Gin that is Essex Pink. Accompanying tonic advice will be given.

  • A hosted tasting of Pigs Bay’s first Liqueur made from Gin. This is a Rhubarb and Ginger.

  • Q and A and general chit-chat session whilst attendees will have the freedom to taste drinks currently in Research and Development. These will normally be a further 2 or 3 Gins and 1 or 2 Liqueurs from the “made with gin” range.

  • The opportunity to purchase the range of Gins, Vodkas and Liqueur, for those looking to buy a great Xmas gift or just to enjoy yourself.