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Tribute Nights

Come join us for tremendous live music throughout the year with a fabulous 3 course meal prior to show followed by amazing live entertainment.

To book please call 01702 899 222

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Complete Madness

Friday 16th September 2022

This fantastic genre of music manages to make you smile and stomp your feet to the rock steady beat. Whether male, female, young or old, Complete Madness will leave you wanting more.

But Hey You, don’t take my word for it, come and check us out for yourself! Prepare yourselves for the carnival, which is Complete Madness…

£45 per person includes 3 course meal and show

Niqi as Tina Turner

Friday 14th October 2022

This incredible Tina Turner Tribute Act “Niqi Brown as Tina Turner” will blow you and your audience away with her tribute to the Nutbush Queen!

Niqi has been a professional performer for many years and has sung with such artist’s as Edwin Starr, Martha Reeves, Mary Wilson, Errol Brown and supported Destiny’s Child, The Wailers and Madness. Niqi has wowed audiences all over the UK and worldwide and really entertains when she is performing ensuring everyone is up and dancing to the music. She is the ultimate Tina Turner tribute act. A fast moving, dynamic show recreating hit after hit, this is the very best tribute available in the UK today!

This Tina Turner Tribute Show is a high energy show from start to finish leaving no corners unturned!

This show is packed with class, laughter, fun and plenty of banter!! This show will definitely leave you wanting more!!

£40 per person 3 Course Meal and fabulous show

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Billy West as Freddie Mercury

Friday 11th November 2022

Billy West is now regarded as Europes No. 1 Freddie Mercury Impersonator. Absolutely unrivalled, Billy West’s tribute to the frontman of the world’s greatest rock band is sure please even the most discerning audience.

Recreating the persona of Freddie with pinpoint accuracy, this electrifying tribute show is not to be missed!

The brilliant vocals and commanding stage presence together with his unique sense of theatricality has resulted in a superb visual act, sensational music and a high energy show full of power and passion.

For first class, unmissable entertainment resulting in an evening of fun and cabaret there can only be one tribute artist that delivers such an unforgettable performance and that is Billy West as Freddie Mercury!

£40 per person includes 3 Course Meal and captivating show

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Maximum Robbie

Friday 2nd December 2022

Scott Borley is without doubt one of the most entertaining and energetic professional tribute artistes on the European circuit! His energy and commitment levels are boundless and his overall resemblance to Robbie Williams himself is truly striking to say the least. Let him totally entertain you with Robbie’s vast array of hits from past and present including many of the Swing and Take That favourites.

£40 per person 3 course meal and show

Frank Sinatra Tribute

Tuesday 20th  December 2022

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“David as Frank Sinatra” is a wonderful show dedicated to Old Blue Eyes. It is his unique portrayal and tribute to the legendary Frank Sinatra that has brought him rave reviews around the world and earned him the respect of both his audiences and fellow professionals.  He is one Frank Sinatra tribute act that has to be seen to be believed!

£40 per person 3 course meal and show


“David Alacey – well this guy really is Sinatra! It’s frightening”

Vegas Legend, Buddy Greco


 “Alacey seemed to have somehow imbibed the very essence of ‘ole blue eyes’ before coming on stage. His performance was breathtaking – seriously! The tone, the modulation and the rhythm in his voice throughout the evening was genuine Sinatra.” 

The Edinburgh Herald & Post


 “Sinatra is back at The Sands with Count Basie in 1966, as Alacey sings and swings with the style and panache of Ol Blue Eyes in his glorious prime. He sets up the sadness of a loser in the game of love with the saloon song One for My Baby as only a skilled performer who has perhaps experienced the sentiment of Johnny Mercers masterful lyrics can”  

The Daily Telegraph

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Edward As Michael Jackson

Friday  30th December

Edward will leave you mesmerized and for a split second into thinking it’s the king of pop himself! Complete with authentic replica costumes as seen in Michaels tours and historic award winning videos. Whether you’re a fan of the iconic beat it jacket, or just simply a white glove fan, this show has it all.

£40 per person and includes 3 course set meal and mesmerizing show

George Michael Live

Friday 27th January 2023

Steve performs as George Michael in The George Michael Live Tribute Show performing all the hits of Wham and George Michael.

This fabulous show has it all… The Looks, The Voice, The Moves it’s a show not to be missed, and is performed by an award winning singer.

Steve says “George is a legend and a genius, and I’m very proud to be honouring him in all his music”

£45 per person includes 3 course meal and amazing show.

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