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Festive Tribute Nights

Come join us for tremendous live music throughout December with a fabulous 3 course festive meal  followed by amazing live entertainment.

To book please call 01702 899 222

Maximum Robbie - Copy.jpg

Maximum Robbie

Friday 2nd December

Scott Borley is without doubt one of the most entertaining and energetic professional tribute artistes on the European circuit! His energy and commitment levels are boundless and his overall resemblance to Robbie Williams himself is truly striking to say the least. Let him totally entertain you with Robbie’s vast array of hits from past and present including many of the Swing and Take That favourites.



David as Frank Sinatra

Tuesday 20th December 

“David as Frank Sinatra” is a wonderful show dedicated to Old Blue Eyes. It is his unique portrayal and tribute to the legendary Frank Sinatra that has brought him rave reviews around the world and earned him the respect of both his audiences and fellow professionals.  He is one Frank Sinatra tribute act that has to be seen to be believed!

£40 per person 3 course meal and show



David as Frank S.jpg
Edward as MJ 2.jpg

Edward As Michael Jackson

Friday  30th December

Edward will leave you mesmerized and for a split second into thinking it’s the king of pop himself! Complete with authentic replica costumes as seen in Michaels tours and historic award winning videos. Whether you’re a fan of the iconic beat it jacket, or just simply a white glove fan, this show has it all.

£40 per person and includes 3 course set meal and mesmerizing show

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