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The Good,The Bad& The Guilty

Royal Mystery 

Trouble is brewing in Sockridge. Mayor Headley's been murdered!


In this interactive murder mystery YOU get to play the detective. 


Challenge yourself and your friends, grab your cowboy hat, its time to answer Sheriff Gumshoe's telegraph and deduce who is good, who is bad and who is guilty!

Western Landscape

Welcome to the N.O.Y.B. production of The Good ,The Bad and the Guilty. The evening will
put your listening skills to the test, not to mention your aptitude for detective work. It will take all
your mental agility to solve this case, even to get the suspects talking! You will be given the
opportunity to question each of our four miscreants in order to deduce who killed Mayor Richard
Headley. The performance will run as follows.

After an introduction from Sheriff Gumshoe Marshall you will be introduced each of our
four suspects in turn. Make sure you listen to everyone carefully, including Sheriff Gumshoe. They
will tell you their version of events. Not everyone will tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing
but the truth. You will need to weed out the fact from the fiction, the cactus from the tumbleweed,
the whereabouts of the suspects, and what they know about the each other. Remember clues are

When you get to Grant Scumthorpe, the sheriff will appoint a team captain from each of
our teams to ask Mr Scumthorpe some very probing questions. He won’t speak to anyone with a
badge so you are going to have to work out exactly how to get him to talk because Sheriff
Gumshoe won't be around to help you. Let’s hope you have been listening carefully.

Every prisoner needs exercise and at this point you will be tasked with keeping an eye on
our prisoners as they make their way around the teams. This is your chance to try to make our
suspects sweat. What can they tell you? We recommend asking the same questions to each
suspect as it makes it easier to look for discrepancies. My advice is keep it simple until you have
spoken to everyone and compared what they have said.
Plot your timeline, as the movements of the suspects can also reveal clues. Use your
maps to get a better understanding of where the action is taking place. During this period the
Sheriff will be available to answer any of your questions about the town, the suspects or any other
information you have found. He will also ask you what information you want him to question the
suspects about in the next round.


After the suspects have returned to their cells Sheriff Gumshoe will go to each of the cells
to ask the questions each team has requested. He will also try to pry as much information out of
them as he can muster.

This is your last chance to really turn up the heat. Once again the cells will be opened and
you will be able to talk to each of the suspects. Use this time to cross examine some of the

timelines and gather more clues. Listen intently to what they tell you because it
may lead to more information or even other lines of inquiry. Make sure you don’t
over complicate things and remember asking the same or even similar questions
to different suspects may reveal different answers.

As this is the final round you will need to make sure that you are asking the right questions.
Sheriff Gumshoe will make his way around the teams with each team being allowed to ask one
question to any of our suspects. This will be your last chance to cross examine them.
Where was everyone when the mayor was killed? What possible motive could they have for killing
him? How was the dastardly deed committed? It is up to you to find out!

Hopefully by now you will have developed some idea of who is guilty. It’s time to put your
theory to the test. You will be given ten minutes to talk amongst yourselves and make your final

You will need to deduce:
• Who committed the murder?
• What their motive was?
• How they did it?

Once you have made your decision, fill in your suspect forms and get ready to reveal your
verdict. Remember to include the name of your suspect, the means of the murder and the killers
motive when you are asked for your final answer. You will be given a one minute warning and your
answer must be ready at the end of this period.

Think you’ve cracked it? Now it’s time to find out. As our tale of murder in the Wild West
draws to an end the killer will be unmasked and hopefully another detective will prove they are
worthy of the badge. Will it be you? Do you have what it takes? Pull on the deerstalker and have
the magnifying glass close to hand because if there’s one thing we do know it’s that somebody
did it!


We hope you will have as much fun participating in this mystery as we have had bringing it
to you. It’s all about having fun and trying to find all the clues embedded throughout the game.
You will need sharp pencils and sharper minds to solve this one, it’s time to work out who’s good,
who’s bad and who’s guilty!

Western Town Setting
Wild West Map Sockridge.jpg
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