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Legbas private bar

Hidden beneath The Royal Hotel,  Legba's late bar,  a decadent speakeasy bar available for private celebrations.


Reached via a private narrow stairway from the High Street to basement level, this stylish, intimate bar with a ‘speakeasy’ feel offers a range of absinthes, spirits, beers and wine.


Surrounded by highly polished green venetian plaster work on the walls and gold on the ceiling, the sparkling natural oak bar top is adorned by a traditional absinthe fountain imported from Switzerland, historic home of this highly desirable beverage.


Legbas is available for exclusive private hire for up to a maximum 60 guests.

Please call 01702 899 222 or email:

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lamp feathers mirror.JPG

The Bar

Once you have descended the private stairwell into Legbas, the Bar is your first room available for hire.  This space with its own dedicated bar (clue is in the room name) is perfect for gatherings of up to 30 guests.

With its own bar, seating area, background music and amenities it really is the perfect location for gatherings, whatever the celebration.


The Parlour

Adjacent to the Bar is our Parlour Room, this space can accommodate a further 30 guests (standing) and is the perfect room for your DJ to set up base.  so if you are looking for a space to accommodate up to 60 guests the Bar & Parlour combined are perfect for your celebration.  

Alternatively should you be requiring a private dining space (for up to 18 guests) the Parlour is the perfect space to dine in, with the Bar being used for pre and post dining.


Venue Hire

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Menu Information

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